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Why me?

I love Dane County—I have called this place home for nearly 40 years.
I want to serve in a more active role in furthering the work of putting people first, caring for all of our neighbors, and supporting a healthy environment.

I don't waste time, I jump in, and begin with a question—often many questions, of many people. I feel it is my job to understand, as fully as possible, the systems, and cultures of each organization. I will bring this energy, and interest to the Dane County Board. I also deeply believe in community involvement. I enjoy facilitating public listening sessions—there is something magical that happens when people get together to create solutions. I have a lot of practice doing so, I have held leadership roles in many settings from the private sector, to non-profit leadership, to a large public university.

Why a Dane County Supervisor?

Two reasons.

1st, I feel it is my responsibility to care for those who have had a harder road to travel than I have. The support that Dane County provides to families struggling with disabilities, childcare, or environmental justice—as well as the need to make further improvements on each of those fronts—is why I want to dedicate my time and energy to the work of the Dane County Board. 

2nd, as a geographer, I believe that we are all connected; one action that we enact east of Lake Monona has impact on the rest of our county neighbors, as do their actions on us. I am eager to evaluate the impact of decisions made by municipalities and the flow of resources like water through those many areas, and types of landscapes, in order to make good decisions and to take solid action rooted in the interconnectedness of our county.

Why now?

I have served as a leader in many capacities, the largest amount of my time dedicated to a multinational professional organization. Two years ago, I started pulling my effort closer to home. I joined a local community center board, and while sitting in a meeting I realized that in order to make fundamental changes to systemic problems, I needed to go to the root. I have spent the last year learning about the processes associated with local office and meeting with people in the community. I now feel prepared to run and lead on issues of racial justice, engagement, and safe & healthy communities. I approach the work of County Supervisor with fresh perspective and energy.

As the Supervisor for District 24, tucked into the east side of Lake Monona,
I look forward to working with you to support a great community.